Explain your concept, after all the validation and deep research its time to take your concept into action. Within few weeks you are ready to implement your basic idea.


Why Prototyping is important?

Prototyping is the main and most important ingredient, it gives all the information and answers to major important questions. It ensures that the product is worth investing large amount of money and time. What it takes to have minimum investment? Who are our customers? What should be the minimum capital to launch a product in market? Through Prototyping we can get answers to all these key questions before product development begins.

In other words, it is important to prevent the loss of investment. Creating a digital product is not easy it requires large amount of time and money so if you are making one, one should be sure that its gonna work. So prototyping gives a sort of confirmation before heading it to development, so the probability of failure is 0%

How Prototype Functions?

Prototyping is a 2-3 week process. We first dive deep into the concept, after understanding the concept we try to solve critical problems with a flexible approach Then, you'll have a clickable prototype as a guideline blueprint for development and notification that your product is ready for its users.

The entire process of prototyping is divided into several phases. which will give in-depth clarity and proceed towards development.

Phase 1


The very first step is to define and explain the main concept of the product. This step would act as a basic guide to allow as to understand the core idea of your product and how you want it to function. After this, we will dive deeper to understand the concept and strategies to compete in the market and taking all other factors into consideration. At the end of this phase we will have clarity on how to proceed further and we will also get to know how it is going to stand out the market. We will get clarity on how to make this product better and more useful for potential users.

Phase 2


After the first phase we will prepare rough sketch of the product. upon understanding the core idea and the critical problems we will work on finding solutions Before implementing we will do another rough sketching to finalise the solutions.

Phase 3


Now that we have the core idea we will now proceed to the product development. Our team will transform your product into a nicely designed clickable prototype that you can then share with your potential customers.There after, we will take your product into action by testing it with end customers.We will provide you with the tools for to test out your product with real time users, raise money(get investment) and to take your product to next level.

Phase 4

Final Touches

From defining the core concept to final development, it is now time for final touches. After Phase 1 to 3, we will make sure that each phase is functioning accordingly.

Our Successful Projects

Tpper enterprise

This application is pre-order management, online tip manage for server and POS management system.

Quik-menu restaurant

This is totally online order management system for user and merchant, like oreder, payment and advance booking etc.

Service apps

Its conversetion between people and brand like, order tracking, order delivery time and much more..

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